I cannot recommend Beth highly enough. Our very wild and out of control labrador had been to 3 other trainers. From my first conversation with her on the phone, Beth put me at ease. It was immediately clear that she knew her stuff. While I previously considered other trainers as a waste of money, Beth was worth every penny and then some. She replied to me promptly when I had questions about working with Bella and even called a few weeks later to check on her. She was the most kind animal professional I’ve ever worked with, and the success we have seen with our Bella is unbelievable. I would never consider another trainer.

– Linda, Wexford

Beth is an amazing trainer!  Our dog had a lot of anxiety (especially around strangers), but Beth was able to get her to focus and learn some basic obedience to help her calm down.  She is now a totally different dog around new people.  I can’t tell you how many friends and family members have commented on the difference in our pup since we used Beth’s services.  Thank you again for your help, Beth!  You are a life saver! – Laura, Jason & Juno

Beth is a wonderful trainer, and truly cares about every dog she comes in contact with.  She was able to help us to take our shy, timid puppy Duke and turn him into a loving, affectionate pup! We are still working on the obedience part, but he has come so far because of her two puppy courses.  Her training techniques always worked out, and she seemed to have a vast knowledge of all different breeds! I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a wonderful and caring trainer!

– Melissa, Gibsonia

The quality of training Beth did with our rescue dog in such short time was incredible. I have recommended her to everyone I know. She was great with our new dog and our children. She made the process very easy and was extremely affordable.

– Bill & Jeannine, Cranberry Twp

When I called Beth for separation anxiety problems with my dog, what I got was beyond my wildest dreams. Not only was her instruction to me clear, but her written training plan for me was easy to follow and she got it to me right away. It was clear to me that she was a true professional and had lots of tricks up her sleeve (and hot dogs!). My dog can now be left alone while I am at work and is better able to deal with being home alone. THANK YOU!

– Kelly, Gibsonia

I like that Beth uses positive techniques.  I know of other trainers that use choke collars or shock collars and that’s not what I wanted for my puppy.  She helped give me techniques to decrease his anxiety of when I left and be calmer at the neighbors house when visiting his buddy.  I use the techniques she taught me for other issues that have arisen and slowly he is becoming less fearful of different things.  She helped me understand when learning wasn’t happening for him because he was beyond his threshold for learning and just reacting.  I would and have recommended Beth to friends.

– Darlene, Cranberry Twp

When I was looking for a Pittsburgh dog trainer for my puppy, Beth’s name and North Pittsburgh Animal Behavior kept coming up. She was recommended by my vet, groomer, and a friend who works in animal rescue. They were right! Her classes were too far away, so she did them in my home and didn’t even charge a “mileage fee” even though she was 40 minutes away. She was great with my puppy and explained everything until I understood (which sometimes took a while.) I never knew puppy training could be so easy. Thank you Beth, Ginger sends her love!

– Stacey, Baldwin

Beth is incredibly knowledgeable and patient. She brings a huge depth of experience that enables her to suggest multiple approaches to address the problems you may face with your dog. Most importantly, she is able to help you improve your dog’s behavior and manners, while enhance your dog’s confidence and the bond you share. She is great about coming from a judgment-free place, focusing on the positive and not the negative. I would (and regularly do!) highly recommend her to anyone.- Stephanie, Sarver


The boys have really taken to the training advice. I am so happy to see them now confidently working with Stormy to bond and reduce her anxiety. Thanks for training us! – Gary, Shaler

I hired Beth for my stubborn, fearful, aggressive beagle mix Buster. After many failed attempts with other trainers, Beth gave so many insightful tips to get Buster to relax and to respond to training. Not only is she knowledgeable but she sincerely cares about the animals she trains. I have seen more progress in Buster in the last few weeks after her training than ever before! Beth equipped me for success and I am well on my way to having a well behaved boy. I couldn’t be more thrilled with her service. I highly recommend her! – Angela, Kennedy Twp

I cant speak highly enough of NPAB and Beth. As a certified professional who is 100% dedicated to force-free, positive training, Beth is an excellent and invaluable resource, and a person whose heart and soul goes into what she does every day. As the director of a local Pittsburgh animal rescue, and owner of multiple personal dogs, and a firm believer in using only positive training methods, I can absolutely say when there is a question or a need for help, my first call is to Beth and NPAB. I urge everyone visiting this page to support this local business, as Beth has supported my rescue, myself, and a multitude of our adopters and their new family members. – Melanie, South Hills

Beth was our THIRD trainer. We had awful experiences before we found her. Day one with Beth – my dog behaved perfectly and I looked like a fool lol! Next time though, he threw everything at her but the kitchen sink! Turns out my pup was bored stiff!
Beth had him figured out in no time and he progressed beautifully after that. 8 years later she’s still the best so do yourself a favor – CALL HER FIRST! – Jodi, Harmony

Just as a little update, I can say that Scamp now has a twinkle in his eye and a spring in his step that we have not seen for a very long time. He is a really happy dog again and you deserve all of the credit for that. It is clear that not only do you have a great technical knowledge of dog training and behavior, you really have a remarkable intuitive sense of their needs and dispositions. I don’t think that we’re going to have any more issues with Scamp going forward but, if something should develop, there’s no doubt that you will be the person that I call.  And if anyone I know says that
they are looking for help with a dog or puppy, I will definitely and enthusiastically recommend you.
Thanks again for all of your help. I am, and always will be, most grateful.
-Christopher, Cranberry
My wife and I rescue-adopted our dog, Sadie, when she was only 3 months old.  Being our first dog in our house, and the first for my wife, we knew we had to do this right but didn’t know where to start.  We came across North Pittsburgh Animal Behavior through some searches online.  We hired Beth to come to our home and help us, not knowing what all we would get.  Beth showed up, and within a matter of minutes we knew we made a great decision.
Beth was so incredibly professional from the start and calming to work with.  Right away she was Sadie‘s best friend.  We saw Beth understand Sadie was just a puppy and how she handled her puppy energy in a calm and fun manner.  Beth basically just talked to us for the first half of the session, watched Sadie, and watched how Sadie interacted in our home while educating us on the basics.  Beth educated us on good food for Sadie, good daily interactions, gave us great resources to learn on our own, and showed us what to do in certain situations while we talked.  It seemed odd at first that we didn’t dive into training in the formal sense for the first session, but that’s when Beth really impressed me.  Beth was essentially “profiling” our dog, while educating and probably profiling us as well, to determine what the best method of training will be that compliments Sadie and us to foster a strong bond for life.
From that first session on, Beth provided a constant stream of customized training including wonderful recap e-mails that was adapted to Sadie‘s style of learning and motivation.  It was incredible to receive such a resource, to this day (2+ years later) we still reference it from time to time.  Almost immediately we started to see Sadie adapting to appropriate behavior while still being the fun and loving dog she is (no scary corrections, no yelling, always positive re-enforcement keeping her happy while corrected).  Beth wasn’t your typical dog trainer.  She didn’t teach us how to make our dog do all kinds of “cute tricks” (although I am sure she can teach that!), instead she taught us how to make Sadie behave appropriately in life.  Don’t jump on people, don’t take peoples food, give space to others, listen when we say “leave it”, don’t chew our property, know the vet is your friend, come back to us when we call you, don’t charge out the door, etc…
We feel blessed to have Sadie in our life as she is.  But even more blessed to have Sadie with a healthy behavior thanks to Beth.  Friends and family are always commenting on how Sadie is so well behaved.  She loves her crate, she loves her toys, she loves to have fun, she LOVES visitors (in a good way).  Yet she doesn’t chew anything, she doesn’t misbehave, she loves her vet visits, she… tolerates her bath (can’t win them all!), and she is such a good dog with visitors and babies.  Most important of all, the one time she got out of fenced in property she immediately came back when we performed “recall” which Beth made clear was the most important to learn as it protects Sadie.  It really did work.  A moment of fear for us turned into a game for Sadie to come right back to us because recall to her was a game, to us was an emergency.  That was an great experience only possible thanks to Beth.
Thank you Beth for such an incredible experience.  You are truly gifted in your profession and it is clear it’s a labor of love for you.  You have our endorsement for life.
-Christian, McCandless

When our adorable 8 month old lab mix rescue began to behave quite badly (to the point where our vet scolded me that our little dog was doomed to bite someone), I thankfully found Aunt Beth who spent at least three hours in our home that first night giving us hope.

The greatest thing Beth did that night was tell us we had an amazing little Willow and we could work on EVERYTHING together. When Beth left, we all knew the future was bright for our family!
(A previous dog trainer had told me she was not sure Willow could stay as our family pet)
Beth showed us which behaviors were stress related, which were age related, and how to show Willow the right way to respond to the world.
With Beth’s amazing insight and tons of good advice, we plowed ahead and I am pleased to say that we have a 2 year old SWEET girl who re-stole our hearts. She even loves her “big brother” now, and he sort of loves her!

We were blessed with 2 sheltie puppies who needed homes after their mother was killed tragically and they had to be bottle fed by humans. We have had a few dogs before, but never more than one puppy at a time. With having 2 puppies at the same time who were very bonded to each other, we decided to get our puppies into some sort of training. We were very happy we took them to the puppy classes. The training is run by Beth McGonigal who is a wealth of information and a very nice person to deal with. Beth is very down to earth and makes the training very easy to understand and offers examples of what to do in any circumstance. She demonstrates the lessons using different puppies from large to small in the class, and they all seem to trust her right away. You can tell Beth has a real passion for animals and makes it her life’s work to make their lives great. Beth makes herself available for any question and responds quickly to emails  and texts in between classes. She always makes time for questions during the classes, too. In our class we had puppies ranging in about as much size difference as there can be at 3 months old. This exposed them all to a big variety of sizes and some were a little more timid than others. It was so nice to see the progress not only in our own puppies, but in how even the most shy puppies came out of their shell with the continued exposure to the other pups and people in the class. The puppies in the class all became the best of friends and always happy to see each other and enjoy a romp during breaks in the training. Also it should be mentioned that the age and backgrounds of the puppy parents was very diverse. We all were there for each other as a support system and we made some new friends through the classes too! So our classes were held at our vet’s office, Belacoop Animal Hospital, and our puppies are always excited to go there due to the classes and how “Aunt” Beth makes it fun for them to learn. After the puppy kindergarten graduation, we were so impressed with the training and information we received that we both agreed that we’d continue our puppies’ education with the advanced puppy class. The advanced puppy class was a big and great testament to how everyone else in our puppy kindergarten class felt. As we walked into the room on the first night of the advanced class, we looked around and almost all of the same puppies and people were there for the same class! How exciting to see the familiar faces and puppies and to find that we all shared the same appreciation for the quality of the training and the huge benefit our puppies had gained from the puppy kindergarten! The advanced training was more structured than the kindergarten and involved keeping the puppies on a leash and getting them to learn and follow the basic and necessary commands every puppy needs to know. By the time the last classes were approaching, the larger breeds started to show their size difference much more. But with the background they’d all had with each other, you’d see the smallest and largest puppies had absolutely no care in the world about the size difference. Now that our puppies have graduated, they have confidence with other dogs and people and have learned the basic commands. They are learning to walk better on the leash and follow commands more confidently. Thanks to the training classes both kindergarten and advanced, we have two very happy and well adjusted puppies who will never bite a stranger, are not aggressive towards other dogs, and are very comfortable with meeting new dogs and people. We think the world of Beth and the classes, and would encourage any new puppy parent to sign their puppy up for the classes!!!

– Joe & Nancy, Gibsonia

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