Specialty & Skills Focused Classes

Specialty & Skills Focused Classes

Bentley and Paisley did AMAZING in our loose leash walking class. These two sheepdogs learned not everything that moves in meant to be herded!
In our distractions class, the dogs practice focusing on their owner in a down position with heavy distractions.
Sandy, Gwen & Jersey learned how to interact with one another in dog social skills class. This class focuses on dogs who experience leash frustration and mild reactivity when in the presence of other dogs.
Our specialty and skills focused classes focus on one behavioral issue or skill over the course of the class. The goal of these classes is to address the problem behavior in depth, as opposed to a basic obedience class which contains a little of everything. These classes are based on a commitment by an owner to solving a problem, and we see GREAT results! If you’re unsure if one of these classes is right for you, we would be happy to guide you!

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