Basic Obedience Classes

Basic Manners Classes

North Pittsburgh Animal Behavior puts a heavy focus on a strong foundation of manners for the family pet. Our basic manners classes help dog owners achieve harmony in their home with her pets. Whether a new puppy, rescue dog, or adult dog, we feel that all dogs benefit from many of the same skills.

We pride ourselves on our small class sizes and individual attention on each dog in class. Our average class size is 6, and never more than 8 dogs per class. This means we get to know you, your puppy, your goals and unique challenges.

Our basic manners classes follow a sequence of Puppy Socialization, Puppy Basic Manners, Adult Basic Manners and Intermediate Manners.

You can register for these classes online, or always feel free to contact us to see which class is best for you.

We feel all dogs benefit from knowing how to greet people and other dogs appropriately, and basic skills, like sit and down. We put a heavy emphasis on being patient, being tolerant of handling, coming when called and walking on a loose leash.  Because our class sizes are small and individualized, our classes tend to vary depending on the attendees but always contain these crucial life skills.

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