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A client favorite is distraction class! Held in North Park, the dogs focus on their owners and offering calm behaviors in close proximity to other dogs while in the company of squirrels and new sights & smells.

Classes at BelaCoop Animal Hospital set puppies up for success by providing socialization opportunities and acclimation to sights, sounds and experiences they may not otherwise encounter during their socialization period. Classes include introducing puppies to new people, dogs, environments, sounds, textures, and mock veterinary visits.

Dog social skills class is ideal for the dog who needs to learn to make better choices when in the presence of other dogs. This class is appropriate for frustrated greeters and those with mild to moderate reactivity. Pictured here are our proud graduates who learned to enjoy one another’s company in just 6 short weeks.

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Beth McGonigal, Certified Professional Dog Trainer
4358 Gibsonia Rd. Suite F Gibsonia, PA 15044

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